Get out, my deer.

When I first started having a deer problem was when I first started gardening. The fact is, until I had something delicious to eat in my yard, the deer had no interest in my. When I found my green thumb though, I became a freaking deer celebrity. Come on down to the apple tree buffet. Stop for rose leafs and have some free lettuce too! I mean come on.

So I tried all sorts of stuff to get rid of the deer

All sorts of man-made junk to make my garden smell more ‘humanly’ but they didn’t seem to care. I tried deer-resistant plants but that was a joke. They like everything you put effort into.

Deer don’t only eat the leaves though, they’ll nibble on the bark just enough to kill your tree, and they’ll eat your bushes up whole. My hollies never stood a chance.

That’s when I tried the only option left. Fencing. I first put up an elaborate fence that they just jumped over. Deer like to jump. So I took down the fence and tried something that was actually less expensive and surprisingly it worked.

Here’s the fence as it looks now.

deer fencing

I got this poly deer fence from and it came in a big roll. All I had to do was put up some fence posts, run the fence which is really a mesh, along the posts and clip it down. I’m not entirely sure why this worked better than the proper wood fence I had, except that maybe it confuses the deer because it blends in so much that it’s hard to see. I’m thinking they just get confused when they run into it, and just move on to greener pastures.

Whatever the reason, I can now enjoy my garden without worrying about the beautiful malicious deer ruining my party. Sanity has returned.

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