Old-Fashioned and Old Function: Damascus Steel Knives

Damascus Steel KnivesSwords and knives—before they were sported by enthusiasts and hobbyists, they had their fair share of spotlight in the early times. Each piece is poetic, having been part of battles won and lost in history. Furthermore, each of these works of steel exhibits artistry at its finest and earliest form. One of the most notable though is probably swords and knives made of Damascus Steel, with the modern rendition in Damascus Steel Knives like those available at Luxury Handmade Gifts

Ancient Artistry

This particular type of survival knife is fitting for knives enthusiasts and wilderness hobbyists. It offers a distinctive style—an awe-inducing one, vis-à-vis function. In a nutshell, it’s a collector’s item. More than its signature patterned blade, this knife boasts of a rich history which every man is bound to marvel on.

In the early times, Damascus Steel has been quite popular. It had then been particularly used for swords, made from wootz steel. A unique method—a lost method, as regarded nowadays—had been used to produce Damascus steel. The resulting product is one marked by beautiful patterns. One must not be deceived by such beauty though, as swords made of Damascus Steel had been more prominent for their cutting prowess. While this particular artistry among blacksmiths had been iconic, the craft was lost over the years.

Modern Day Rendition

Damascus Steel honed from the traditional (lost) method may no longer be in existence. However, the beauty of the Damascus Steel swords back then has prompted various institutions and individuals to attempt to recreate this work of art. Hence, in its modern day rendition, the signature patterned steel design of Damascus Steel has been rendered into Damascus Steel Knives.

Back then, Damascus Steel carved itself a place in history as a tool for combat; now, it is carving itself a place in enthusiasts and hobbyists’ shelves as a tool for combat—in the wilderness. A survival knife is that one tool a camper, hiker, and outdoor enthusiast must never be without. It’s practically life (or death) defining. Or in the case of swords and knives hobbyists, a Damascus Steel Knife is a must-have, given its marriage of style and substance.

Transfixed Damascus Steel Knives

The fine details of this knife evoke the look and field of the ancient times—raw and spontaneous. While each piece is something you would describe as beautiful, it is definitely masculine. Damascus Steel in its knife form is no less intimidating and awe-inducing than in its sword form. It is a result of a painstaking process to ensure that it achieves its characteristic artistry.

What’s more, the knife version offers a variety with regard to look and feel. There is a range of blades to choose from—generic to specialized ones, based on user’s preference. Each knife is definitely a work of art—having been crafted from a tedious process of pattern welding. The hand-made ones in particular are more preferable, as different personas seem to be given to the knives.

Damascus Steel Knives are available in various designs from the blade down to the handle. In lieu with its roots, most are crafted to be sophisticated and old-fashioned—but you can trust the knives to do their job.

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