Get out, my deer.

When I first started having a deer problem was when I first started gardening. The fact is, until I had something delicious to eat in my yard, the deer had no interest in my. When I found my green thumb though, I became a freaking deer celebrity. Come on down to the apple tree buffet. Stop for rose leafs and have some free lettuce too! I mean come on.

So I tried all sorts of stuff to get rid of the deer

All sorts of man-made junk to make my garden smell more ‘humanly’ but they didn’t seem to care. I tried deer-resistant plants but that was a joke. They like everything you put effort into.

Deer don’t only eat the leaves though, they’ll nibble on the bark just enough to kill your tree, and they’ll eat your bushes up whole. My hollies never stood a chance.

That’s when I tried the only option left. Fencing. I first put up an elaborate fence that they just jumped over. Deer like to jump. So I took down the fence and tried something that was actually less expensive and surprisingly it worked.

Here’s the fence as it looks now.

deer fencing

I got this poly deer fence from and it came in a big roll. All I had to do was put up some fence posts, run the fence which is really a mesh, along the posts and clip it down. I’m not entirely sure why this worked better than the proper wood fence I had, except that maybe it confuses the deer because it blends in so much that it’s hard to see. I’m thinking they just get confused when they run into it, and just move on to greener pastures.

Whatever the reason, I can now enjoy my garden without worrying about the beautiful malicious deer ruining my party. Sanity has returned.

Introduction to website design

designIf you are not so familiar with modern technologies and all the advantages, you will have to inform your self a little better. Today, almost every person owns a computer, lap top, tablet or smart phone. There are plenty applications and programs that are designed to make our lives easier on a daily level. But, if you want to understand a world of modern technologies and internet a bit better, then it is a great time to learn some new things and to improve your knowledge in general.

If you are using internet daily, then you for sure visit many different sites. You use internet to go on social networks, to visit your favorite shop to see the prices and discounts. You also read magazines online, buy different products.

You may have noticed that some websites are very professional, their navigation is simple, and you really like them. The others may look very confusing, navigation is too complicated, and they do not look so professional. The difference is in website design. Website design is crucial for a visual look of any website. Web designer is a professional who is hired to create the entire visual look of the website, and to provide the crucial ideas that will make a certain web site to look good, professional, and simple for customers and visitors.

Very often, when people see a certain website with a bad design, which is too complicated, they usually decide to find something else. So, as you can see, website design can be very important when it comes to customers. You can either attract them with the website design, or you can even chase them away. Website design include several different things such as layouts, complete structure of the site, user interface , navigation, colors, information architecture etc. It is crucial for any web designer to know the wishes of the website owner, so he can go in the certain direction.

Web designer must know so many things, especially about HTML, XML, PHP, ASP scripting, Search engine optimization, strategy and marketing, design itself etc. As you can see, there are a lot of different things, so web designer usually can not cover it all. When you hire a professional for your website design, it is usually a s group of professional, and every single member of the team is an expert for something in particular.

If need a website so you can develop your online marketing (which is very important today), make sure to hire a professional team of web designers and an SEO expert. Website design is not an easy task and you will not be able to do it alone. You will fail. For great results, hire and expert that will do the job for you and your business will blossom.

Finding the best pre-workout habits

preworkoutEvery one thinks that working out daily or few times a week is very difficult and maybe even boring stuff to do. Of course that is not true at all. Things can be difficult and boring only in situation without a good plan, good habits, and laziness. Working out can be very fun, if you just change a bit the way you see things around you. You should change your daily routine and create some new and better habits. If you decided that now is the best time to finally change your life, and start with trainings, that you should practice some new habits that will help you to get in shape much faster and easier.

First thing you need to do is to find a way to motivate your self for your training session. Starting with the best preworkout is a great idea. If you do not love the way you look, and you want to change the shape of your body, it is a great idea to watch some photos, or videos online that will for sure motivate you to change your life style. You can be the one with great body shape. So, do not delay it, start with weekly training sessions as soon as possible.

Music is also a great motivator. Before your training, listen to some music you love that will put you in a good and happy mood. If your mood is good, and you feel happy, you will also love the fact that you are going to the gym. That will no longer be an obligation, it will be a pleasure.

Do not eat junk food; eat healthy food full with carbohydrates. Take the best pre workout supplements.  Grease and junk food will not give you the energy you need. Eat bananas, oats, or some homemade fruit shake that will give you energy to train as hard as you can. If you want to eat a whole meal, do it three to four hours before your training, but if you only want to eat a snack you can do that half an hour before the training session.

During the day, make sure to drink two liters of water. It will help you to clean your organism and body. You will feel much better if you stop drinking sodas, and instead – drink water.
Cup of coffee half an hour before your training will boost your energy, and you will feel prepared and totally awake for the training.

These are just some simple but yet very helpful habits you should practice daily. If you want to have the best possible results when it comes to trainings, than change your habits. You will see that you will have much more energy, will and strength for every training, and working out will not be so difficult or boring. It will be easy and fun. If you really want to dial it up a few notches after that, check out ChaosAndPain.

Herbal Remedies for Incontinence: More Options for People with Overactive Bladders

incontinence tipsSome people resort to herbal remedies for incontinence due to several reasons. It may be because they find mainstream medicine to be too expensive or it has failed them; they want to expand their options; or they simply want to be healed in the most natural way.
True, some herbal remedies lack the necessary documents to prove their effectiveness such as results of laboratory studies or approval from a legitimate drug regulatory board, but some experts believe that alternative medicine can and does work for incontinence. While others think that something more after-the-fact like waterproof seat covers and incontinence chair covers are another option.

Herbal remedies for incontinence

Some of the most common herbal remedies for incontinence can be made from just one type of plant or with several others. Here’s a list of these herbs and how they are used:
Cornsilk. This is the brownish hairy fiber on top of a corn. Users find its tea to be effective for cleansing the urinary system, thus reducing the chances of infections of the bladder, bedwetting, prostate inflammation, kidney stones, etc. The tea is made by steeping fresh or sun-dried cornnsilk in boiling water. No side effects are reported so this is a great addition to your incontinence supplies.


Yes, the flower that beautifies homes and gardens is also an effective herbal remedy for incontinence and other urinary system diseases. The leaves and stems can be tossed into a salad or cooked with other ingredients. These can also be dried and made into a tea.

Pumpkin seed extract

Although pumpkin seeds have been used for centuries to make urinating a lot easier, it was only recently found out that its water-soluble extract contains substances that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Studies show that the extract can decrease the frequency or urination by half.


Don’t weed out the horsetail that grows in your backyard because it has natural components that can cure incontinence as well as other ailments of the urinary system. You can sun-dry this herb and steep it in boiling water for 30 minutes.


These sticky weeds are best known for their diuretic effect and for their ability to soothe the interior of the bladder wall, thus preventing irritation. These have been found to ease and increase the flow of urine and treat incontinence and other disorders of the urinary system. The best way to use them is by extracting their juices. Chop them, add a little water and run in a blender until it liquefies. The suggested dosage is 3 teaspoons a day.


This is one of the herbal remedies for incontinence that has been used for centuries. Users say that its tea is effective for strengthening the bladder tissue, facilitating the passage of urine and flushing out toxins.

Saw palmetto

This herb is recommended for men as it can control prostate growth. It contains substances that can ease irritation in the bladder, fortify the urinary organ and soften kidney stones.


Gosha-jinki-gan is actually made from a dozen herbs like China root, helmet flower and dogwood fruit. Naturophatics claim that it can increase the bladder’s capacity to hold urine and minimizes its contractions due to its effects on the nervous system.


Blueberries and cranberries are known for their bacteria-blocking qualities. These are effective against infections that occur in the urinary tract and bladder.

These herbal remedies for incontinence have been in use for hundreds of years and may help you control your overactive bladder.

How to Choose the Best Animal Hospital

Vet ClinicYour pet becomes a part of your family the moment you take it in. You take care of it as you would a child – feed it with the most nutritious foods, bathe it regularly and even worry over its aches and pains. That’s why you need a veterinarian to ensure your pet’s health and well-being. The problem is, with so many animal hospitals in your area, you’re confused as to whom to entrust your beloved pet with.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Animal Hospital

Sure, you can use home or first aid remedies when your pet suffers from minor illnesses. All you have to do is search the internet for answers to your pet’s conditions like lack of appetite, lethargy, etc. But what should you do if your pet doesn’t respond to your homemade treatments? Don’t let your pet’s life slip away right before your eyes. Take it to the best animal hospital in Vancouver, WA immediately.

But the question is, which animal hospital? Here are a few things to check out:

Hearts that care
This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when you’re in the lookout for the best animal hospital in Vancouver, WA. You need to have a veterinarian who can take care of your pet as you would. Take a look at your neighbors’ pets. Which ones look well-kept, happy and healthy? Ask their owners who their veterinarian is because chances are, they have veterinarians who guide them on how to care them the best way that they could.

Convenient location
Owning a pet is very rewarding but can also be very exhilarating at the same time. Why? It’s because you have to take it to your vet for grooming, vaccinations, checkups, etc. And when you’re an office worker who has to spend half of your day working and traveling, such a simple task as visiting the vet may not be a very welcome idea.

Value for your money
Of course you’re willing to spend your hard earned cash on your pet. But would it be worth it? Will spending more assure you that your pet gets the treatment it deserves? A valuable emergency vet clinic doesn’t charge too low or too high. It assesses its fees based on the quality of its services.

Eyeing a particular animal hospital in your area? Ask them to take you to a tour. Check out their equipment. Are they modern? How about their rooms and laboratories – are they clean and sanitary? If you find them lacking in this area, thank them for the tour and walk away. How could you trust your pet to such a hospital if they cannot even maintain and upkeep their premises?

Services offered
It’s better to take your pet to a 24/7, one-stop animal hospital because with your beloved creature around, anything can happen just when you least expect them to. Such a hospital can effectively respond and even save a dog that’s hit by a speedy vehicle as it has the manpower, materials and facilities required for blood transfusions, surgeries and hospitalization.

For all the love and loyalty your pet unconditionally bestows on you, don’t you think it deserves care and treatment from only the best animal hospital in Vancouver, WA?

The Best Way To Reduce Weight With Exercise

weight-lossExercise is a natural and consistent way to cut back on extra weight. It has no side effects, it improves our bodies’ performance and is a sure way to get the results. Most people give up on exercise because they deem it to be ‘too hard’ or as ‘taking too long’ to give the effects they want. A lot of these sentiments are brought about by having the wrong attitude towards exercise or by not doing the right exercises.

Do the right exercises

Every single exercise that you can think of has a particular part of the body that it focuses on. When losing weight, we sometimes focus on one area forgetting that we need an all-rounded approach to trim all our body parts. Some people will say they only want to reduce the weight on their tummy and not their legs and so forth. However, there are no shortcuts with exercise. Sit-ups or crunches alone will not solve the problem.

The most fruitful way to reduce weight is by cardio exercises. These include the likes of running, jogging, swimming or walking. The reason why they are so good at weight reduction is because they work on all our body areas, burning fat and toning the muscles. In fact, to put it more correctly, these exercises help us burn fat while the rest focus on strengthening certain core areas. That said, anyone looking to lose weight should focus on these as the principal exercises and the rest for working on specific areas such as abs, legs, biceps and so forth.

Find the motivation

It’s true that exercise can be tedious. If it was so easy then everyone would do it and would spot fine chiseled bodies. But that is not the case. The mantra in any work-out space is that ‘without pain, there is no gain’. To make exercise a little less straining, find some motivation to keep you going even when you feel like giving up. Have something to remind you why you need to exercise. A popular way to do this is to put up a picture of the body you want to attain around your work-out space.

Make it convenient

Another way to make exercise less strenuous is by making it a bit easier to go about it. If for example the thought of leaving home and heading to the gym is making you visit less frequently, think about exercising at home. That way you have your private personal space where you will not get intimated. If running in the cold or very hot weather is proving cumbersome, think of acquiring a treadmill and running in your home.

Make it a lifestyle change

Last but not least, do not make exercise a one-time activity to lose weight and be done with. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine and avoid slipping back to your heavy weight once more. It is recommended to work out 4-5 times a week for 30 minutes to one hour.

For more info, check out this video

Features of Quality Gutter Cover Installation

If you want to purchase impeccable gutter covers, you can use rolls of meshing guards among other versions. Gutters guards are offered in diverse sizes, dimensions, shapes and types, there is a spectrum of covers to select from. The durable and ideal ones withstand winters, do not trap debris or leaves or interfere with the facade created by the gutters. When choosing apt gutter protection that facilitates smooth flow rain, consider certain factors prior to purchasing. Smooth, streamlined and slick surfaces direct foliage towards the ground. The gutters should also have UV cushion and a warranty to safeguard latent defects if you want to be avoiding incurring expenses for the trough and problems associated with its inefficiency. Preferably, gutters that are of a patented design are better, you will not experience clogging witnessed in their cheap counterparts.

When you place orders, consider multiple gutter guards while cleaning prior to installation. The process of fixing the covers lasts for about two hours. A good gutter facilitates the natural guttering of water through the roof systems. A quality gutter system allows the blowing off of leaves from the roof surfaces and enables wet debris to be swept over the sleek cover and roof towards the ground. In case you have fixed gutters that have spawned clogging and downspouts problems, replace them with quality gutters Portland for good. Gutters made by reputable firms are founded on advanced woven technology to enable the gutters to evaporate any trapped waters following rainfall pelts; this prevents stagnant water from being trapped on the roof. The best gutters allow sun rays to strike directly upon them, meaning that they stay dry. You may want to encapsulate the gutter system with thick industrial firm nylon; this can reinforce the strength and sleekness.

If you are keen when selecting a gutter guard system, you can get rid of ice dams which result from a snow accumulation in the gutters. The rain water and evaporating moisture does not permeate across the protective layers. The roof shingles are not impacted by gutter systems as to prevent the mouth of the gutter to block rainwater. Ensure that gutters do not interfere with the smooth flow of water or compromise evaporation. Perhaps this may be guided by using an engineer who can evaluate the systems and nature of the edifice.

A perfect gutter covering system ought not to nail and screw in the roof system; it should fit and not embed on the shingles as this may allow trapping of debris. It should also be thicker in order to reinforce on the strength and durability of the roofing slant. The basic components when you are installing the cover or guards are quickly accessible materials, consider caulking guns, scissors, adhesives’ tubes and a measuring instrument. A black layer that is not only thick and made of materials such as nylon would be adequate to provide strength to the roofs.

In case you have any problems with fixing the gutter systems, a professional gutter installation expert can be indispensable. All you will need with ensemble guards is a ladder and blades to trim the materials used on the Portland gutters. Cases of gutter systems blocking are rising, the need for an efficient and quality system is ineluctable for homeowners.

Old-Fashioned and Old Function: Damascus Steel Knives

Damascus Steel KnivesSwords and knives—before they were sported by enthusiasts and hobbyists, they had their fair share of spotlight in the early times. Each piece is poetic, having been part of battles won and lost in history. Furthermore, each of these works of steel exhibits artistry at its finest and earliest form. One of the most notable though is probably swords and knives made of Damascus Steel, with the modern rendition in Damascus Steel Knives like those available at Luxury Handmade Gifts

Ancient Artistry

This particular type of survival knife is fitting for knives enthusiasts and wilderness hobbyists. It offers a distinctive style—an awe-inducing one, vis-à-vis function. In a nutshell, it’s a collector’s item. More than its signature patterned blade, this knife boasts of a rich history which every man is bound to marvel on.

In the early times, Damascus Steel has been quite popular. It had then been particularly used for swords, made from wootz steel. A unique method—a lost method, as regarded nowadays—had been used to produce Damascus steel. The resulting product is one marked by beautiful patterns. One must not be deceived by such beauty though, as swords made of Damascus Steel had been more prominent for their cutting prowess. While this particular artistry among blacksmiths had been iconic, the craft was lost over the years.

Modern Day Rendition

Damascus Steel honed from the traditional (lost) method may no longer be in existence. However, the beauty of the Damascus Steel swords back then has prompted various institutions and individuals to attempt to recreate this work of art. Hence, in its modern day rendition, the signature patterned steel design of Damascus Steel has been rendered into Damascus Steel Knives.

Back then, Damascus Steel carved itself a place in history as a tool for combat; now, it is carving itself a place in enthusiasts and hobbyists’ shelves as a tool for combat—in the wilderness. A survival knife is that one tool a camper, hiker, and outdoor enthusiast must never be without. It’s practically life (or death) defining. Or in the case of swords and knives hobbyists, a Damascus Steel Knife is a must-have, given its marriage of style and substance.

Transfixed Damascus Steel Knives

The fine details of this knife evoke the look and field of the ancient times—raw and spontaneous. While each piece is something you would describe as beautiful, it is definitely masculine. Damascus Steel in its knife form is no less intimidating and awe-inducing than in its sword form. It is a result of a painstaking process to ensure that it achieves its characteristic artistry.

What’s more, the knife version offers a variety with regard to look and feel. There is a range of blades to choose from—generic to specialized ones, based on user’s preference. Each knife is definitely a work of art—having been crafted from a tedious process of pattern welding. The hand-made ones in particular are more preferable, as different personas seem to be given to the knives.

Damascus Steel Knives are available in various designs from the blade down to the handle. In lieu with its roots, most are crafted to be sophisticated and old-fashioned—but you can trust the knives to do their job.